Prepare Not Procrastinate

This is hardly a blog, but something that I definitely want to stress. Hmmm, maybe more along the lines of a Public Service Announcement? Okay, so back to the task at hand. More than the excuses that I hear being made for why one can’t, won’t, and doesn’t, exercise, or at least try to incorporate it, are those being made for lack of balanced nutrition. Let’s face it, eating out for lunch, and dinner has never been easier, and more accessible. Makes sense to me as to why so many people do it,¬† because they didn’t bring any food with them to work, or have any prepared! If you’re looking to drop some fat, and improve eating habits, distractions like eating out simply must be kept to a minimum!

Ya know, there are no “secrets” when it comes to healthy living, but there are “musts”, and one of them is PREPARING YOUR FOOD IN ADVANCE! Yep, the simple act of preparing your meals can be the make or break of your attempt at living a healthier lifestyle. A big reason why some fail to stick to a plan, is because they are simply not prepared. Running late for work, can quickly turn into not having time to make breakfast, and going drive thru for a nice fatty breakfast! From experience, food preparation can take a few hours so it’s better you plan and schedule on a day where you can take the time out to knock it out. I usually prep my meals on a Sunday afternoon, for some reason it just feels like a Sunday activity.

There are still some that think that extra exercise can compensate for poor nutritional habits, and unfortunately this is just not true. Sure, perhaps the extra time spent in the gym might equal out to no weight gained, but I thought the goal here was to change body composition, not pat ourselves on the back for simply staying put? Take my advice, and prep your food for the week, or at least the first few days of it. If you don’t want to deal with it, than hire someone¬† to do it for you. Regardless of the method, within no time you will see a world of difference!

Make It ‘n Take It!

Make It ‘n Take It!

-Chris Chavez

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